Lazy Mike Gallery was
founded in 2017 by Mikhail Ovcharenko and Tanya Stern
about lazy mike
For three years the gallery organised local and international pop-up shows, including in
Los Angeles. In 2020, the gallery opened a new space in Moscow in the historical Meshanskiy district. It was open by appointment only due to the pandemic in Russia.

Prior to founding Lazy Mike, Mikhail Ovcharenko was director and partner of Moscow's Regina Gallery. Tanya Stern worked on a television series, scriptwriting, and won two awards at arts festivals in the US.

Apart from organising exhibitions and representing artists, the gallery is engaged in various educational activities in Moscow. The gallery's mission is that education in the visual arts is no less important than running a commercial gallery.

Lazy Mike works with 11 artists. Most are based in Russia, with three - Lev Khesin, Daniel Lergon and Ralf Ziervogel - living and working in Germany.

Lazy Mike Gallery supported and organised multiple museum shows for gallery artists hosted by such institutions аs the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, and the National Centre for Contemporary Art. Lazy Mike has been actively participating in art fairs including Art Los Angeles Contemporary, Cosmoscow and ExpoChicago.

Ovcharenko and Stern support non-profit institutions in Russia, and helped establish patron programs for The Garage and the Pushkin State Museum.

Since June 2021 the founders have supported Alyona Popova's project You're Not Alone. The organisation supports domestic violence laws in Russia; works to prevent violence agains women; and gives aid to women in need after sustaining severe acts of violence. Lazy Mike has hosted group shows with female artists where all gallery sales went towards supporting You're Not Alone.

Mikhail Ovcharenko serves on the board of acquisitions for the Zuzeum Art Centre in Riga, Latvia, as well as an advisor for private art foundations in Russia.

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