The works of Alexei and Anton Tvorogov resemble fragments of a fairy tale. Artists use the languages of animation, comics, video games, book illustrations, and puppet shows—the first visual languages that people are introduced to and use to shape their worldview. Turning to them, artists create new characters which are captured in their works similar to movie stills, without clear roles and an entertaining story. Here, it is not the plot that comes to the fore, but the sensual relationship between the hero and the surrounding world and the disclosure of the fragile, but inseparable connection between fiction and reality.
Alexei and anton tvorogov
Solo exhibitions
selected group exhibitions
School of Contemporary Art "Free Workshops", Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia.
Fox's Hat Flew up, Lazy Mike Gallery, Moscow, Russia.
I wish you a fair wind, Moosey Art, London, UK.
Tapir and bird, Artis Gallery, Moscow, Russia.
Lucky Charm, Moosey Art, London, UK
Ethereal, Volery Gallery, Dubai, UAE
Cosmoscow, Contemporary Art Fair, Lazy Mike Gallery booth, Moscow, Russia.
Satellite Village, Gallery Ascend, Hong Kong.
Fresh, Padre Gallery, New York, USA.
Nice guys live forever, Moosey Art, London, UK.
It's About Time, Na Peschanaya Gallery, Moscow, Russia.
selected works