Dmitry Cockloft (1992) — an artist, painter, graduated from the Samara Pedagogical University with a degree in Art. He has participated in the exhibition "The Journey Invitation" (2021, Samara. Curator: Sergey Balandin). Cockloft is distinguished by a hyper-realistic style of painting, using canvas and oil, rare for the Samara school. In 2019, during the Covid pandemic, he decided to turn to fine art and painted his first pieces - ceramic figurines - characterised by his particular style, choice of plot, key characters, and scale. The portrayal of multiple enlarged ceramic figurines strike the viewer with the quality of workmanship. The enchanting reflective effects and chiaroscuro convey the sense of luxury, and candid glamour.

"Each of these ceramic figurines is a memory of particular people and events. My previous partners were at times despotic and expected me to be accommodating. I would much prefer to paint beautiful naked men in beautiful poses, but the relationships would end before the work on the paintings started. That's how ceramic dogs have become portraits. I love luxury, craftsmanship, and beauty - it's a bit baroque, but at the same time minimalistic. I've been painting these pieces for none other than myself. I wanted to have beautiful things at home. Luxury to me is when only one thing is depicted on a big canvas. My sense of beauty really differs from my parents'. I've enjoyed seeing the beauty in simple things, like ceramic figurines since my childhood; I liked that others loved them as well. My mother loved ceramic lynx, and I liked that she loved it; so I associate these figurines with adoration."

In 2021 he debuted with a series of works depicting porcelain greyhounds at the exhibition "The Journey Invitation" in the gallery Victoria, Samara. The works were sold to private collectors and at auction.
dmitry cockloft
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