Sasha yazov
Throwing off the shackles of traditional axioms and the "logical" flow of the history of Russian contemporary art, Sasha Yazov refuses the authorities of modernism and the classical construction of the concept. An important part of Sasha’s painting is working with optics. Based on the original form of the in-game photography, the author chooses the positions of "impossible" angles, for example, from under the ground, or builds a composition as if looking through the lenses of the first person, and also works with focus. Since the beginning, photography has imitated painting, and Sasha Yazov reverses this pattern in favor of new statements.
selected solo exhibitions
Tumblr Girl, IP Vinogradov, Moscow, Russia.
99999 Likes, Lazy Mike Gallery Stand, BLAZAR Art Fair, Moscow, Russia.
VR Exhibition in Counter-strike 1.6, «сs_gallery».
selected group exhibitions
Little dark age, New sincerity gallery, Moscow, Russia.
Loh-fi, Flacon, Loh-fi, Мoscow, Russia.
NULL, Serpuhov musem, Serpuhov, Russia.
PFRN, Cherry gallery, Richmond, VA, USA.
Alternative space, The Palace, New York, NY, USA.
Nabrosok, State art gallery, Kaliningrad, Russia.
selected works