Alexey and Anton Tvorogov were born in 1988 in Moscow. They graduated from the The School of Contemporary Art Free Workshops at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art.

The works of the Tvorogov brothers resemble fragments of a cartoon or a puppet show. Artists use the languages of animation, comics, video games, book illustrations and puppet performances - the first visual languages that people get to know and use to form their worldview. Only instead of an entertaining story with a plot, the artists bring to the fore characters and the sensitive relationship they establish the with world, disclosing the fragile, but inextricable connection between fiction and reality.

The works from these series introduce us to the fox and other inhabitants of the misty world. We can see a fox meeting a frog, thinking about a friend, hiding from a monster, examining a ladybug. It seems that there is a main character here, but he does nothing heroic. There may be a villain, but that's only a speculation. It seems to us that a fairy tale is being told, only the plot eludes us. Artists create a story open for interpretation, where ordinary moments in which the characters are captured, become the main theme.
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