The project is a reflection of the artists on a theme of the western genre. Preserving the images of the Wild West: tumbleweeds, lonely cactus, cowboy and native American clothing, the artists turn to the theme of confrontation between cowboys and Indians, where two drastically different cultures and approaches to life collide.
Confiscation of territories and subjugation of nature by men - these are all staple themes explored by the Western genre. However, this is also the context in which graffiti artists exist today. The street scene in which the artists were formed is harsh and has rules similar to the division of territories into reservations between the US and the native Americans.
Bomse: Wild wild world
At the moment, it consists of 8 people. Some are engaged in creating pieces in the urban space, and some are busy with studio work. The artists changed the street culture of Nizhny Novgorod, acting as a counterculture to the local context and replaced previously established groups and the rules by which these artistic groups operated and thrived to create.
About the artists
Association the Bomse was created more than 10 years ago and belongs to a new wave of street artists in Nizhny Novgorod.
One of the founders of the association of artists, today he focuses on the classical form "canvas/oil". The author's plots are mainly related to current events, global changes in the world and society.
Skep Bomse - the artist is distinguished by a detailed approach to creating works and a graphic manner of depiction. The artist is engaged in the author's tattoo, which left a mark on the artistic style of the author. Most often works in collaboration with Oper Bomse and Cema Bomse. In addition to classical media, the artist is engaged in the creation of carpets.
One of the brightest representatives of the team, his work is often radical in nature and is characterized by rich colors and mixed media in the creation of works. Skeletons and an orange dog can be considered the signature characters of the author. Works with urban space, in the studio the advantage is created by works on canvas.
The multi-genre artist works with urban space and in the studio, in different formats: classical media, performative practices and online promotions. Participates in the creation of collective works, often acting as an ideological inspirer. Most often works with Oper Bomse and Evsti Bomse.
Oper Bomse actively works on the street and in the studio, actively practices working with voluminous works, the is an author of many site specific installations. In addition to working with space, the author creates works in classical media. The artist's works are often created "on the topic of the day" and are of an oppositional nature.