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Lazy Mike booth at KIAF will be represented by Ksusha Lastochka and Maxim Trulov project «Land of Plenty». «Land of Plenty» is a set expression formulated in ancient times and denoting a wonderful place that does not exist. In different cultures, the description of a happy country varies according to popular tastes. «Schlaraffenland» - a fictional land from German fairy tales, is described as a land flowing with milk and honey, where animals run and fly already fried, houses are made of gingerbread, and cheese is everywhere instead of stones. In French and English literature there is an idea of «Pays de Cocagne» - a mythical country of idleness with wine rivers and pies as fruits on trees. Thus, the existing reality and the problems of mankind created the image of an ideal world. The archaic basic idea of a carefree and “well-fed” place has become entrenched in group self-awareness. Having solved vital issues in an ideal place, people began to add individual requests there based on their fantasy. For everyone these are completely different places, but they are united by a common thing - this is a place where we feel safe, where there is no hunger and wars. Maxim Trulov and Ksusha Lastochka, reflecting on this topic, create a place where they inhabit the characters from their universe, which has been painstakingly created over many years - this is a solution to the basic security problem, thus the authors preserve their creativity. Further, the artists «revive» their heroes by bringing them out of the two-dimensional space of the canvas into the real material world - these are dreams, where the sacred takes on a bodily form. The project «Land of Plenty» is about the ideal world of two artists who invite the viewer to imagine «heaven on Earth» and understand true desires. To do this, you can use the centuries-old scheme - take your favorite dishes, add a river of your favorite drinks, and then let your imagination come to life.

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Ksusha Lastochka and Maxim Trulov, «Land of plenty» solo booth installation view, KIAF Seoul, 2023
Ksusha Lastochka and Maxim Trulov, «Land of plenty» solo booth installation view, KIAF Seoul, 2023
Ksusha Lastochka and Maxim Trulov "Color match", 2023
Ksusha Lastochka and Maxim Trulov "Color match", 2023
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